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    The Project Manager for the 720th MP Bn Assoc sent out emails a few months ago about "The barber in the wire". The crux of the story was that our barber was VC and that he was found dead "in the wire" along with some other VC after a fruitless attack on Long Binh post. An email with a pic and story of this "barber" was sent to Tom. One former MP saw the pic and sent Tom an email saying that the story was false. Tom, being a retired cop, attempted to find out whether the story was true or not before it was put on the website. There were many replies to his emails request for info. It seems that every reply affirmed that the story was true. BUT...the same barber was killed over and over and over!!! LOL!! Between the years of '66 and '70 this "barber" was killed countless times. It seems that most MP's who had served in VN had heard this story at one time or another and it became "real". The source of the photo became known and the story of the "barber" was laid to rest

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    "Shave & A Haircut Two Bits" LOL!

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    LarryJK,, I had friend working at the Long Bien Data Processing center in '68 - '69. He visited me in Saigon and told me the same story of the "barber in the wire" ,, guess it was a post legend,,, either that or the VC recruited an abundence of barbers, ,,

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    Here's one that may bring back some memories of getting your hair cut by a Vietnamese Barber...


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    Just a random thought.
    This must fall in the same catagory as the battery acid and ground glass found in the Coke. Also the razor blades that the prositutes inserted in their vaginas! These stories were usually told by someone who had a friend up north who heard it from a guy passing through on his way to LongBinh who heard it from a grunt in TayNinh.