Russian "Olympic" ammo

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    I bought a brick of ammo a while back that is supposed to be the actual stuff used in the Olympics. It does have the seals and symbols appropriate to the games but was something of a dissapointment. Has anyone had any experience with this stuff?. The words "Biathlon" (yes, spelled that way) appear on case and boxes, little picture of skier on top and "KLIMOVSK STAMPING PLANT" along with the usual warnings on the bottom of box. Cyrillic writing stamped on side (lot #, date?) of box.

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    I have several brands of Russian .22 ammo, purchased over the years. Most was just cheap buys, but some "quality?" target ammo. Most all of it is very dirty to shoot and acts almost like black powder...sends a large cloud of blue smoke. Bullets are mostly blackened raw lead and look pressed in with lots of excess lead round the case mouth. Cases again (mostly) are also blackened or dark-dark green....almost black. They appear to be very low velocity, probably sub-sonic....just a guess from the report while firing. Miss-fires are common place....ejected one just to test, six solid strikes before ignition. Not bad shooting at 15-25 yards, big spread at 50....much like a shotgun pattern, with no paticular patterning. Good news, they shoot a little better in my Romanian Training .22 rifles.....not enough to change brands though. Reminds me of the old "Nimrod" USA brand of .22`s back in the 60`s. Regards LTS

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    Hey LTS,
    This stuff looks hand lubed, smoke is color of too much lube, lead dark but no grey oxides, cases bright....groups about the size of a nickel @50 yds BUT.....fliers in every string. Shoot five, one nickel-sized hole and one hole an inch (or more) away. It does do better @100 yards than a lot of ammo I have shot in this rifle but the fliers trash the group. The Walther has had no tendency for fliers (except for Remington Thunderbolt, all fliers, no group at all). Thanks, Woody