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Rant on:

I went out this morning intending to mold up a bunch of 150 grain Keith Type .38 bullets. The little suckers just would not come out right. There are little dimples all over the nose of the finished bullets. I examined the cavities to find rust in them. When I get through molding, I always leave the last lead pour in the mold to prevent this from happening. I have been doing that for years and have never had this happen before. I only have three RCBS molds, with this being one of them. I use mostly Lee bullet molds which are aluminum so this doesn't happen to them. I still leave the last pour in the Lee molds also.

I have a dremel tool and I had a small wire brush in the case, of course when I went to get it to clean out the rusted cavities, the wire brush is no where to be found. So now I have to buy some brass brushes for the dremel tool before I mold any more bullets from that mold. It was not a complete waste of time, cause I did get some 102 grain .380 bullets and some 240 grain .44 bullets molded with the Lee stuff.

I just hate it when things don't work the way you have in mind.

Rant over, thanks for allowing me to vent a little!
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