Ryan’s Benghazi Surprise

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    The Biden-Ryan debate was more about foreign policy than the economy and jobs. And yet another irony: Paul Ryan, an expert on all things fiscal, revealed a much better knowledge base of foreign policy than anyone thought existed. Shows how smart and well-rounded he really is. In fact, Ryan’s Benghazi slam, right out of the chute, won him the debate. This terrorist attack is going to be a huge presidential-race issue. Americans are furious at the Obama-Biden-Clinton stupidity and mismanagement surrounding the tragic Benghazi deaths. They are enraged at the Benghazi cover-up. Ryan accused Biden of malfeasance in every aspect of this tragedy. It was a tremendous body slam right from the start.
    And Biden mislead everyone with a string of falsehoods. He said the administration did not have complete intelligence at the start of the crisis. But we now know they did have sufficient intelligence to realize that the killing of Ambassador Stevens and three others had nothing to do with spontaneous reactions to a YouTube video, and that it was a planned al-Qaeda attack. Then Biden denied that the State Department asked the White House for stronger Benghazi security and was turned down on several occasions. But we know this to be true from various sources. We even know that State Department officials saw the Benghazi attack in real time. These untruths will dog Biden on the campaign trail. The Benghazi round clearly went to Ryan.
    - Larry Kudlow
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    The obozo administration manufactures history as fast as it can. Truth is whatever they decide advances their cause best.

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    Sorry, the majority of voters think Benghazi is a drink you order while on vacation. While this should be an issue everyone pays attention to, it will be shrugged off much like their other follies they manage to put into the hands of their "spin doctors".
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    :pThat explains why Joe Bite-me was acting the way he was! He’s been on vacation.
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