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(6/8/01 10:20:45 am)
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My screen shows a vertical colum of file folder icons. Next is a vertical column of "Posticons".

1) Where can I find information on these, and similar questions? The "Help" link and the "FAQ's" links are confusing and I have been unable to answer these questions.

2) What is the meaning of the "file folder" icons?

3) What is the meaning of the "Posticons"? Some seem to be self-defining. Other are unclear to me.

4) How can I tell if a topic has a new reply?

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(6/8/01 1:58:35 pm)
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Welcome Debo, glad to see you over here.

The file folder icon indicates that there are new messages in that particular forum. Might be new replys to existing threads, or entirely new threads.

Posticons are the little round things you see on the main board of a particular forum to draw attention to or express an opinion about that particular subject. For instance, the "thumbs up" Posticon on this reply.

If a thread has a new reply it will have a file folder icon and you should also be able to see when and by whom the last reply was made.

Try the "Help" link from your main screen, and click on Help Glossary....
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(6/8/01 2:13:36 pm)
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Re: ?'s About site mechanics

Go to the bottom of the main opening page of the
site to the "Drop Down Box" and click on "EZboard
Support Forums" or better yet click on the link near
the top of the forum pages that says "My Control
Center", then click the "Help" tab near the top right
side of the page, once your in the help section scroll
up a little until you see a "Drop Down Box" that says
"Jump To A Specific Forum" then click on the arrow
until you see "User Help" then click on it and it will
give you any info your looking for(this is a different
user help).

You will find much info in your control center "Help"
section, let me or one of the other Mods know if
you need any further help.


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(6/8/01 7:25:50 pm)
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Yeah, Debo, and the emoticons are cool too!
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