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went to a gun show today, was really trying to find some wolf/tula primers and save some cash.

my usual guy only had 1 box of magnums and I didn't need them.. then I noticed S&B primers.

I grabbed a couple bricks of SR for some 222/223 and will see how they do.

they are priced competitively with the wolf/tula. 25$

I remember seeing W/T for 20 at the beginning of the year.

missed out on those I guess.. :(

didn't see any S&B LRP though :(

also.. looking over some surp 762x39.. I noticed some brass cased bulk stuff.. got happy for a moment thinking I had found relaodable brass, only to flip them over and see they were berdan.. :(

i've seen plenty of new production berdan primed steel case stuff.. though hadn't seen new prduction brass cased berdan primed stuff.

speaking of berdan... why? :) boxer not good enough?

single flash hole not reliable? boxer cases would seem to be easier to make?
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