S&W 22S-1 Accuracy

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    Apr 4, 2009
    The attached picture show a 2" Shoot-N-See target. The target was approximately 10 meters distance. Shooting was done from a sandbag rest, and the pistol was hand held. Ammunition used was Laupa Master L. The results shown are for 5 shots. This was fired today outdoors.
    Do not let anyone tell you that the 22S-s is not an accurate pistol. The only other 22 I have that is this accurate is a tuned High Standard Victor, and the only other pistol I have that will out shoot the 22S is a Jim Clark custom High Standard.
    And I forgot to add --- the group measured 7/32" from hole to hole at the longest distance.
    Of course I would not bet the farm on doing this again. Blind Hog found an acorn. :rolleyes:

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