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    Oct 20, 2012
    I have an S&W 32 Long CTG, it has a 2 1/2" barrel that is stamped "32 LONG CTG" on the right and "SMITH & WESSON" on the left, a smallish checked pearly grip serial # on the butt is 151320. The same # is marked on the inside of the cylinder swing arm. the S&W trade mark logo is stamped on the left side of the frame just below the cylinder release and stamped on the right side of the frame just below the front of the cylinder is "MADE IN USA SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD,MASS". I would appreciate any information about this pistol (ie. manufature date, value etc.)

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    That's the .32 Hand Ejector in the original chambering for the J frame.
    The J frame was designed for the .32 and then used for the .38 and the limited space in the frame is why S&W J frame .38s hold only five rounds.

    The gun is not rare and in that condition is worth about $250-$300.

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    Just to be picky. :)

    That's a 32 Hand Ejector, 5th Model, made between 1910 and 1917.

    If the grips are real pearl, and are not cracked, they are probably worth more than the gun.

    The serial number should also be stamped on a flat spot on the bottom of the barrel, up next to the frame. Gun looks nickel in the picture. If it was originally nickel, there will be an N stamped next to the SN, on that flat spot.

    And that's an I frame.

    The original "32 frame" was the I frame. Held six 32s. They also made 22s on that frame, called (amazingly) the 22/32.:p They also held six rounds. Later they chambered the 38 S&W in the I frame, but because of the size of the round, could only put five in the cylinder. Still later they decided to chamber the 38 Special in it, but the Special was too long for the cylinder. So they stretched the frame. Made it slightly longer, so the cylinder hole could be longer, so the cylinder could be longer, so they could chamber 38 Special. This "slightly longer" I frame is called the J frame.

    Isn't it nice to learn stuff? :D
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