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So I got a really good deal on a used police S&W 99 from my Gun Club Pres. because he just started his own shop and members get better discounts.
Got it home and it was pretty dirty (normal for many cops guns, I've found over the years).
After detail stripping and cleaning, I had a minor issue with one Mag not holding the slide open, I had the spring in the follower incorrectly.
I fixed this minor problem, and upon racking the slide and while checking to see that it stayed open, the gun made a funny noise while in my hand.
I released the slide only to find it wouldn't move more than a half inch.
When I looked at the front of the gun, I found the recoil guide rod sticking out about an inch. It had broken!
S&W has discontinued it, and of course it's no longer in stock. Walther now goes through S&W for it's parts, so no go there either. Backordered at Midway for the next 2 months or more, and not stocked at Numrich Arms either.
Ended up spending over $50 for a steel one from a supplier that's behind by 4 weeks due to the panic buying of our current situation.
I'm P.O.ed! :mad:
According to some research at other sites, this IS a problem with the S&W 99 and the Walther 99, so heads up if you own one, so you can preorder a steel one.
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