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A few years ago I purchased from my MIL her deceased husbands S&W Model 66 revolver that he carried in his former occupation as a Deputy Sheriff. The gun came w/well used square butt diamond checkered target grips w/Deputy Sheriff badge inlaid on each panel. It also came w/4 other sets of grips. 3 of the same type but w/o badge. One in EX condition. One in good, and one on fair. Plus one set of much smaller grips in EX condition. All are S&W grips. No repros. All are complete w/screws.
I swapped out the badge grips for the set in EX condition. Interested in selling the others.
A check of the various auction websites revealed prices ALL OVER the map. Ranging from over $100. to $20.
What's a fair price to ask for these? Are the grips w/badge worth any premium? Thanks.
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