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    (8/28/02 2:06:22 pm)
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    I am looking to buy a S&W Model 29.I have heard they have them in a two screw up to a 5 screw model.Can someone explain to me the value depending on the screws? Thanks in advance Benny

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    (8/28/02 3:15:34 pm)
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    Re: Smith & Wesson Model 29
    No two-screws.

    The original production was '5-screw' which has four visible screws on the sideplate, plus one in front of the trigger guard. This only lasted the first couple of years, and values can get well into the 4-digits depending on barrel length, finish and condition.

    S&W dropped the top sideplate screw, leaving three visible plus the one in front of the trigger guard. These (again depending on barrel length, finish and condition) can get around the $1000 range but are typically around $600-$700.

    Later (through current) M29 production is three screw (no screw in front of the trigger guard). Again, there is some niche areas that are more heavily collected than others. I for instance pay goofy amounts of money for 6 1/2" barrelled factory nickel guns - but that's just me. Typically $300 - $500.

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    Thanks AntiqueDr that's what I wanted to know. Benny in NC