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(7/31/02 12:16:25 am)
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I have a chance to pick up a LNIB S&W 25-2 1955 Target Model 45ACP. It has been fired very little. You have to look real close to see where the bolt has barely marked the cylinder. I forgot to write down the serial number but it is the earlier 6 1/2" pinned barrel and is in the presentation box. The cleaning kit is missing but there is a package of S&W halfmoon clips in it.

They are asking $550 for it. Sound fair?

Between my new C&R license and the guns I have been running across locally, I may have to go back to work if this keeps up.

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(7/31/02 6:26:04 am)
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Re: S&W 25-2
That would be a realistic retail price on that revolver.
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