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    I have a bunch of M&P & model 10 parts"excluding" the frame ,bbl.& trigger assembly.I planned on picking up a used frame & barrel.when I looked up a trigger assembly on the S&W parts list,I got 3 listed.model 10 .the SM312 Blue 045960000#SM400BL.0468 #SM265BL.22016.All had OBS listed after them,what does that stand for? I know the 1947 M&P,a 5 screw, I have assembled with mod.10 parts, bbl,cyl,ratchet,hand,stop,etc.had to use the long throw hammer assembly, the newer ones had the spring loaded sear ,mounted on inside of the hammer assembly as opposed to the long throw with the sear on the out side. The mod. 10 came out in 1957.The long to short hammer throw sometime in 1947.My hammer assembly is the newer 3 screw-4 screw version( 1957-1962) with the inside sear.I,m thinking the 2 style hammer assemblies have matching trigger assemblies.I know all other matching parts will fit the 10 frame,4 inch bbl.,matching plunger etc.etc.DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THIS IS SO?IF SO! WHICH TRIGGER PART NUMBER IS THE NEWER, MATCHING THE NEWER (INSIDE SEAR?HAMMER ASSEMBLY ?& what the hell does OBS stand for? ss stainless,bl blue, mim crap etc.OBS ??If no answers,I guess I,ll call & ask S&W when I order the trigger assembly. assembly.
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