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S&W Safetly Hammerless 1st & second model

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I recently purchased both a First and a Second Model S&W Safety Hammerless revolver.

The first model has a 4 digit serial number 849X and the second model has a serial number of 12429X. They both are nickel plated. They both seem to be in very nice condition with just a bit of pitting. I am curious if you can confirm the date of manufacture of these and that they are for black powder cartridges only? The first model has no reference to caliber, but the Second Model has "32 S&W CTG" on the barrel.

I'd also be curious as to an estimated value. Many thanks

Here are pictures of the First Model:

...and the Second Model:

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Here's the address listed on another site for S&W serial no. info:

Smith & Wesson Firearms: Smith & Wesson Firearms, PO Box 2208, Springfield, Mass. 01102, Phone (800) 331-0852 ext. 223 Roy Jinks

Mfg. dates for First Model = 1888-1902, Second Model = 19012-1909

Flayderman lists value for Very Good condition of $250 for the first model and $200 for second model.
Thanks HRF. I paid $60.00 each for them in an auction of someone's collection.
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