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(3/5/02 8:45:20 pm)
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Hey all

A couple of you have turned me onto the Sako TRG-s in .338LM. I like what I've been reading about it. I wonderes if any of you have that rifle in any caliber, and what you think of it. My Finn Mosin loven heart says go for it, but I wanted to hear about the modern rifle before I sprung for one. The one thing I don't like is the syn. stock, I prefer wood overall. I do realize its supposed to be a tactical rifle and thats why it has the composite stock.


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(3/5/02 8:53:15 pm)
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Re: Sako TRG-S .338 Lapua Magnum.
I sell a bunch of TRG-S in both .30-378 and .338 LM. It is definitely the ugly duckling of the Sako line, but the quality is still there, and at a reasonable price.

Standard Sako dovetails on the receiver for the scope, but you can get Leupold ringmounts and not have to pay the outrageous price Sako wants for theirs.
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