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(6/27/01 1:06:37 am)
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I just got my SAR-1.....and it fires perfectly....i love it.......but i noticed that on the empty casing left behind in my wrath.... all of them had a small ding in the brass.....curious, i looked at my ejection port......on the reciever cover the bluing had been rubbed off towards the rear......i assume that it is striking the cover when they are there anyway to correct this????

Thanks in advance...

I likey my big boy toys....MUAHAH!!!!

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(6/27/01 7:06:42 am)
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That`s what they do, most all military styled weapons are set that way. Reason, less prone to jam under auto fire(full auto). On some of ours, that we shoot on a limited basis(semi`s) we place a piece of heavy black tape on the receiver to keep from maring. After the shooting session, it is removed while cleaning. LTS
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