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(8/26/02 9:33:29 pm)
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Anyone ever buy stuff from sarco? Quality? Customer service? I'm looking at 1911 barrels, maybe some other parts. Thanks in advance for your responses.

*TFF Staff*
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(8/26/02 9:40:08 pm)
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Yes, they seem OK. Bought some AK 74 30 round magazines from them last year, plus East German mag pouch to carry them in. Very good prices I thought.

They would probably stand behind their stuff as a lot of guys and gals I've known have recomended them on other forums.


Bob In St Louis
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(8/27/02 8:30:08 pm)
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I have bought extensively over the years from SARCO - magazines, parts, surplus pistols, ammo. They have good service, and good bargains. I scan their adds all the time and have picked up on some great bargains from them on bulk purchases of Astra 400 magazines, Star Modelo Super magazines, Destroyer carbine magazines, 9mm Largo ammo, and Star Super pistols. I have picked up a lot of other odds and ends over the years, but don't recal specifics at the moment.

Sadly, the fellow who was their surplus gun guru was killed in an accident several months ago - he was a real astute individual, and helped me out before with questions I had.
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