Savage 24 Misfires

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by CountryGunsmith, Feb 24, 2003.

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    Reply | Edit | Del All Savage Model 24 Won't Fire Upper Barrel (.22) ?
    Looks like under indentation from the firing pin. Anyone ever run into this and know a fix?

    Thanx - Longbolt

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    A new firing pin would be my guess.

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    The problem could also be the selector. Gun Parts Corp. carries both parts. Should be an easy fix.

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    If the indention on the rim seems too light, you can remove the firing pin and "sharpen" the tip. The firing pin tapers almost like a wedge and you can take a fine file and work on the flats a little.

    Before you do this, look at the rim recess around the chamber. If the rifle has been excessively dry fired - probably has - there will be indentions in the rim recess where the firing pin has repeatedly struck. If this is the case, that's why you are getting light firing pin hits. The rim of the 22 case must be supported when the firing pin hits in order for the priming compound to be ignited. If there is no or little support for the rim, the firing pin will bend the rim of the case without igniting the priming compound.

    If this is the case, take the rifle to a competent gunsmith. In some cases, the chamber can be ironed out easily. Worst case, the barrel would have to be relined, or ar least the chamber.

    Hope "sharpening" the firing pin is all you need.

    Lee Hadaway
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    with extreme care and real skill, a tig-

    welder can be used to "put back" displaced metal at the rim of a .22 barrel. I've even done it with a cutting torch and oxyacetylened, but that required rebluing of the barrel. I had no welding tip at the time, ya see. Pack the chamber and the outside of the barrel in heat-control gel, prior to welding. This is not really necesary with careful use of a Tig, but it can't hurt, either.

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