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I have a Savage 32 Semi-Auto (SN 198108). It was recently graded by a gunsmith at 92% and is in excellent condition. The gun has been fired at least one time, that I know of, in the mid 50's, because I wanted to know how many phonebooks it could shoot through. The gun originally belonged to my grandmother and may have never been fired until the phonebook test. I believe this gun was manufactured about 1919 but don't know for sure. Based on the serial number and pictures, can you tell me when it was manufactured and a ball park value?

If more pictures are needed let me know what you want to see and I'll get them posted.

Thanks for the help,


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Lots people will tell you the 32 APC is not a good defense round that said with today's ammo I think it steps a notch or two.

I carry a .38 spl or .380 with Golden Sabers but I would not hesitate to carry a 32 ACP with Golden Sabers.

Keep it it's very collectable. Just my humble opinion.

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