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(1/12/02 11:20:17 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Savage/Fox B-SE More info PLEASE
I've got this Savage/Fox B-SE in 20ga. I bought the gun new about 25 years ago. It's practicly new. I've even got the sales receit. The only fault is in the forearm, the aluminum housing that holds the attaching spring had a hair-line crack.
I had a fab. shop weld it for me. So there is a shiney spot where it was ground down.

Edited for more information

I recall reading somewhere about a Guy that is an Authority on these particualr shot guns. Does anyone have an idea who this person is, or how I can contact him, or anyone else with more information.

Thank you for any and all information.


Here is a shot of the inside of the forearm disassembled

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(1/12/02 11:42:49 pm)
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Re: Fox/Stevens B-SE
$250-$300, helps that it's a 20ga. Open chokes might bump it a bit. Deduct if the weld is obvious or visible when the gun is assembled.
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