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Have you disassembled and cleaned and inspected and so on and so on? I am presuming yes

first, how far are you shooting when your POI is 8" high?

Not sure if you have confirmed the cause, but have a suggestion.

now, what kind of front sight do you have? Blade, BB, post?

if you have a blade, you can place a small strip of tape over the front sight, or even one strip folded over the blade. I'd go for a 1/8" adjustment(Increase) to lower the overall POI. darken the side that is facing you with a marker and test fire.

if you have a BB or post, a small straw added to the post or BB can give you the same effect. If you can't find a small diameter straw, try a q-tip stem and then marker it black and then test fire.

doing this should get you close enough to determine how tall of a replacement sight that you need.

My Colt M4Ops had a similar issue. whomever was the original owner had glued a small piece of rubber hose to the front tip to compensate for a too short factory tip. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent a free replacement. so, contact savage and see if they can help.
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