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    Have not heard from you in awhile, hope everything is ok. Here is newsletter for '04 and hunt dates for mobility impaired hunts.

    Dear SCDS Members,

    I hope everyone had a great spring turkey season and are getting ready for the upcoming hunting seasons. The dates have been set for the 2004 Mobility Impaired Hunts, totaling seven hunts for the season. All of these hunts are at the usual locations; however there some other possibilities in the works..

    We had a meeting last July to discuss future directions for SCDS. It was well attended and several issues were brought to the forefront. We elected officers and now have a Board of Directors (listed below). Our next meeting date has not been set for this summer, but if anyone would like to get involved, let me know on your application. I’ll send you the particulars as soon as they’re determined.

    Several events took place during the 2003 season that you may not be aware of. My daughter and I helped put on a hunt for several kids with Muscular Dystrophy up on the Scott Place. It went very well, with a young, first time hunter taking his first deer. We hope to have to same chance next year and include even more kids in the hunting experience.

    Mark Riffle and I gave a talk about our organization to the Columbia QDMA chapter at Millerre Hunt Club. The hunt club set up a wild hog hunt that was a new experience for several of the hunters. Bruce Kinobi, Milleree Hunt Club member, and Linwood Kearce, SCDNR Take One Make One coordinator, and Mark really went out their way to put on a great outdoor opportunity for the mobility impaired.

    Additionally, Mark and Rafe Elisor and I were asked by the USC Engineering Dept. to look at several designs for trigger activators. Many of the designs we have already tried but I am sure they will come up with something new. Maybe we’ll have some to try by this fall.

    As you all know, one the best parts of being an outdoorsman is sharing it with others, especially with younger generations. Linwood needs our help in trying to locate any youth (those with or without mobility impairments) that would like to get involved with outdoor activities. We’re thinking particularly of those that do not have the regular opportunity of getting outdoors. It would be great if we could find enough kids to have a hunt co-sponsored by SCDNR and SCDS. If you know of any kids that would be interested or that we can contact, let me know the addresses and I will keep a list.

    The 2004 hats have been ordered and, as usual, I’ll send them to you as your membership renewals come in. I have included an application form with this letter; if there are any changes, please fill it out and return. Also, if you have an e-mail address, please be sure to include.

    Look forward to seeing you all soon.

    SCDS Officers Board of Directors

    Pres. Bobby Harrell Blakely Martin Steve Avinger Bobby Harrell

    V.Pres. Mark Riffle Steve Murphy Chris Hudson Mark Riffle

    Sec. Tom Ulmer Wallace Boyd Tom Ulmer Danny Cain

    Treas. Steve Avinger



    Savannah River Site Oct. 803-725-8718

    Savannah Refuge Nov.16th - 17th 912-652-4413

    Piedmont Nov 5th- 6th 864-427-5140

    Ace Basin Nov 12th - 13th 843-889-3084

    Webb Center Dec. 17th -18th 803-625-3569

    Tibwin Oct 22nd -23rd 843-887-3257

    Dec 3rd – 4th 843-887-3257
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