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Scope for a Mosin-Nagant

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I have a shortened MN action that I would like to aid a scope to. Due to the straight bolt, I have to have a long eye relief scope or red dot scope to be able to work the action. I want to mount the scope in the cavity where the rear sight was. Any suggestions on a scope that would have sufficient eye relief to be of use? Thanks.
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Tru glo makes a extended eye relief scope that works really well and reasonably priced but thats not the real issue. The problem with the scout mount type scopes that use that rear base to mount the rail on is they never hold zero. They loosen really easily and use some really small screws to retain its position. Your better off with the D/T type that hold the scope to the rear and bending the bolt. By the time you pay for a extended relief scope and mount you could get the DT type, have it installed and have the bolt properly altered.
I use a 2x7 BSA it has held up pretty well so far and the mount has also stayed firm


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I can't deal with the scope so far up. I'd get the bent bolt kit and tap and mount a scope
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