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    Are there any reasonably priced scopes that will hold zero while firing full auto on an M14? From prone, with bi-pod; I can maintain sight of crosshairs and target and can fire quite accurate 6 to 8 rd. bursts. Problem is, after about 2 mags. the scope is way out of adjustment. WELL aimed semi shots hit about 1 1/2 FEET to the right! I've tried two scopes (both bottom end price level) a Tasco and a Bushnell, both 4x with same results. Firing regular semi auto aimed shots doesn't effect zero at all. Scope mount is military type with single bolt and rail to fit on left of rec. Everything seems to remain tight, no looseness in mount, rings, or scope. Is full auto just shaking these scopes out of zero and are scopes available to hold zero under full auto?
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    Jun 8, 2011
    I know airgun scopes are some of the most heavy duty because the powerful spring guns have a pretty powerful recoil, in forward and backward motion, and can often knock a scope off if its not securely tightened on the little 3/8" dovetail rail.

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    Why are you shooting full auto using a scope? Just curious. I know...because you can, but seriously, why? Only time I'd shoot an M14 with a scope, I'd being using it for sniping not for suppressive fire.
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    those scopes arent built for that kind of abuse.. And how the heck are you staying on target for 6-8 rounds anyway? Thats full power .308 bro!! even if it has some magical new muzzlebreak its gonna rise off target after 2 or 3. The M14/M1A gas system and rotating breechbolt design is heavy and long in operation and generates far too much vibration for scopes to hold zero under full auto fire. I dont even think a 2500 dollar nightforce would handle it..

    Im really curious how youre keeping on target though.. I dont think its possible short of bolting the rifle down to a steel bench.
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