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A father and son from Jackson County will both soon deploy to the Middle East with their Naval Mobile Construction Battalion.

As Tyler Cook spends quality time with his wife and daughter, he can't help but to think about his first deployment to Afghanistan.

"Shocked, a little nervous, kind of worried leaving my wife and daughter," Cook said.

Cook will travel overseas with an 80 member Seabee unit for one year, but he won't be alone on the mission. His dad, John, is also going and this will be his second deployment.

"In 2007, I had a lot of friends there, but when holidays came around, it is not same like being with family. So, this time we are going to try to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas together," John Cook said.

"It made it a little easier knowing I will have someone with me that has kind of been there. Not Afghanistan, but deployed. I can kind of seek guidance from a family member, especially my dad," Tyler Cook said.

Tyler's mom, Kimberly, said she is happy her son and husband will have each other overseas. But she admits it's still difficult to fathom both of her loved ones being gone for so long.

"When I think about birthdays, when I think about Christmas, they will miss that. They have never missed before," Kimberly Cook said.

Tyler Cook's wife and daughter also have mixed feelings about the deployment.

"I am not sure what to expect. I am scared and worried, but most of all proud. He has picked a dream and picked a goal and stuck with it," wife Leslie Cook said.

The father and son agree it will not be easy leaving behind the rest of their family. The Seabees said just knowing they're protecting the country and doing it together makes the deployment worthwhile.

"When the war is going on you just want to do your part," John Cook said.
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