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Sealing spray paint

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I am giving my first rifle, a Rem Nylon 66 a face lift, I have used a combination of textured and non textured camo paints,

Is there a spray on sealant is should finish it off with?

Is it really necessary?

If so will it add any shine to the finished product? don't want that,

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What paints did you use?

Can't answer your question without knowing that.:)
Rustoleum and Krylon, flat camo paints.
Chances are any coating over a lacquer based paint is either the seal coating will peal or the base coat will lift. I would leave it alone.
Rustoleum and Krylon, flat camo paints.
The Kylon Fusion flat camo paint doesn't need anything. I have never used the Rustoleum.
I used a flat clear finish over the same type of paint on a synthetic rifle stock here a while back and havent had any problems yet.

(just read Helix's post)
So far Helix,(been a couple months now) it's staying on......But, that was my fist paint job to a stock and crossing my fingers that it "stays" on!?!? ?
Thanks guys, still debating what to do, I used a combination on texured and non-textured paint, all made/intended for outdoor use, patio furniture etc, I'm thinking it will be OK without it, going to talk to the paint guy at home-chepo this morning, he is always helpful and seems pretty knowledgeable,

My only real concern is the stock, the gun is a Rem Nylon 66, supposed to be made from fiberglass/Zytel, and the original finish was smooth and shiny, I ruffed it up with heavy steel wool and 150 sandpaper pretty good, and wiped it down good with acetone before painting, the original finish was very smooth and shiny, since it was so smooth I would be more concerned with the paint adhering if I had not ruffed it up beforehand, but I think I prepared it well enough, if I don't seal it time will tell I guess,

I'm almost done, the facelift took a few hrs (days) longer than I thought it would, but it was a learning process at the same time, some things I did twice because I didn't like the first result, I reassembled everything last night except the scope, which I will re-do today and then let it dry in the heat of the garage for a couple of days before mounting on the new see through-peep rings I got (thanks for the link JLA), I'm, re-doing it because I base coated it with textured desert color, made some stencils and went after it, didn't like the outcome, just didn't match the quality of the rest of the restoration, so last night, with the help of my friend acetone, some 150 sandpaper and steel wool, I re-prepped it to my liking, gonna paint/camo the scope today, I'll post a final report and pics when it's done to my satisfaction in the next few days,

More later,

Thanks for the input so far,


Here is a pic of the Model 66, this is NOT the gun I started with, if my gun was in this shape a rest would not have been needed,

This was my first rifle, got it for Cristmas when I was 10, so, 1972, remember it like it was yesterday, I left it with my Dad for 20 years when I left home to make my way in the world, Dad lent it to my nephew(his grandson), it got neglected pretty bad, pitting on the barrel that wasn't too bad and easy to take care of, but a pretty significant and deep rust spot about the size of a penny, the receiver cover metal is not real thick to start with, so something had to be done, stock/forearm badly scratched up etc, I was not real happy, so I just decided to give a resto/facelift to the whole thing,

These guns sold for $39 or $49, now worth up to 3-400 in good shape like the one in this pic, I'm sure people that collect these will say I'm an idiot for painting it, don't care, monetary value not in play here, family gun, will never be sold, and already promised to one of my daighter's,

Again this pic is NOT my rifle, no resto would be needed if mine was still in this condition


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Just an info update, in case anybody cares, or it may help someone in the future, after talking to a couple of guys with quite a few years of paint expeience, they said a sealer is not needed, the paint I used is intended for outdoor use, and the least reflective sealant available is a satin finish, which will add at least some unwanted shine to the finished product, which is not desirabel for this project, I have a couple of minor things to finish up tonight and I should be able to fully reassemble tonight,

I'll post some pic's of the finished project, tell you about some things I learned during the process, good and bad, things I would do differently if I were to do this type thing again, and may just possibly re-do anyway, just because it bugs me and I know it could be better, was not expecting some of the challenges that arose, learned a lot, and had some fun along the way, also learned my eyesight is even worse than I thought it was, had to ask one of my daughter's here and there to help me with certain things,

It was fun, took me longer than I thought it would, but will say again that I learned a thing or 2 along the way,
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