Searching for a ruger m77

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    Aug 29, 2013
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    Okay Magtop here you go. I snapped these in my poorly lit kitchen with my iPhone so I apologize for the quality. I checked and my rifle was made in 1976 and the barrel measures 23 1/4" from the front of the receiver. I hope this in some way helps.

    IMG_0405.JPG IMG_0406.JPG IMG_0407.JPG IMG_0408.JPG IMG_0409.JPG IMG_0410.JPG
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    If it wore sights, it was a M77 RLS and that model has a 18 1/2" barrel in .30-06. This model shows up in my 1987 catalog and disappears after the 1992 catalog.
    If it were sightless, it was a M77 RL and that model has a 20" in barrel in .30-06. This model first shows up and is advertised as a "New Ultra-Lightweight" in my 1984 catalog. This model runs right through to the 2007 catalog, after which the Hawkeye series takes over.
    However, in no "Ruger Catalog" is either rifle shown as being available with a laminated stock. The only model available with a laminated stock back in the day was the varmint rifle with it's 26" barrel and that didn't occur until 1992 and on.