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(11/24/01 3:14:51 am)
Reply | Edit | Del All Seasoning suggestions for new Mossberg 590...
Any recommendations for startup preparation for a Mossberg 590...

Cleaning, first 12ga. ammo choices., etc.

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(11/24/01 3:55:59 am)
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Re: Seasoning suggestions for new Mossberg 590...
Welcome Aboard JOLLYSAMMY!

I would run a dry patch through before firing
and just keep it clean with a light coat of
lubricant on all metal surfaces when not in

As far as ammo goes the 590 will shoot just
about any 12ga. shotgun ammo you desire,
from light target loads, self defense loads
to heavy game loads.

Our resident shotgun folks will be along to
give you more detailed info soon.

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(11/24/01 5:31:48 pm)
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Welcome JOLLY SAMMY! I don't have a stringent method of breaking in a shot gun. Tac is correct. Cleant it good first, then keep a good very light oil to the metal parts. I do use a variety of size ammo in my new 11-87. Just to keep the gun from falling in love with one brand or size of ammo. this also gives you a chance to see what works best in it. Also helps determining the patterning of the shot. Mossberg makes fine shotguns, and it should last a lifetime.


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(11/24/01 5:42:02 pm)
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First, degrease it entirely.

Then spray it with a coat of WD40, and store it in a damp closet.

In about 6 months, it should have a "lovely" brown shade!

THEN rub it down HARD with oil and 0000 steel wool, get rid of MOST of the finish, and about half of the "browning," and she'll be ready!

Just kidding, do like they say, patch the bore and shoot away!!!
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