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    Dec 9, 2010
    ONE MORE TIME: Trying to locate a barrel assembly for a Harrington & Richardson single barrel receiver, serial number AU584401, patent number 3988848. No model number indicated on receiver. The receiver was manufactured in 1980. A guy gave me the receiver and forestock as partial payment for something years ago, and it has been stored in a cabinet here. I believe it may have been a Topper, probably a 20 gauge, but what model it is, I do not know. Probably a "Topper." It has a plastic trigger guard and a plastic end on the forestock where it fits the receiver. The forestock screws to the barrel.

    I figure that some idiot probably sawed the barrel off and then got scared and got rid of the barrel. He claims it wasn't him and couldn't tell me anything about the barrel assembly. I just discovered I do have the foreend, which I didn't realize was in the bottom of the cabinet that the receiver was stored in, looks like it would fit a 16 or 20 gauge barrel. The tunnel for the barrel is too large for a .410 and too small for a 12.

    I have tried Numrich and they appear to be out of H&R barrels.

    The NEW Harrington & Richardson WILL NOT rebarrel the old guns made by the previous Harrington & Richardson.

    I hate to let a perfectly good receiver go to waste.

    Does anyone out there happen to have any other ideas on where I can locate a 20 gauge Topper barrel?

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    Here at TFF

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    i live in southern indiana,old country boy at hear
    contact H@R i am pretty sure they can help you. old semperfi
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