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    You may want to practice more and not use the 1-2-3 go routine. About anyone can cover 21 feet fast. As a matter of fact, we have done these drills in many classes. I have fast hands and feet and you would be standing in a gut pile watching a field dressing display before you could access your weapon . Trade in the airsoft gun for a pair of track shoes. Distance is your friend.
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    This is an interesting thread and I was reading all post here so my take on the 21 foot rule personally I want you right up on me if you want to rob me I need you close enough to hand you my wallet. Yes within arms distance I am not going to tell you what I would do it does not bother me if you have a knife or a pistol but you will regret ever meeting me.
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    I have had the oppotunity to attend several courses at Thunder Ranch, also with the late Louis Auerbach, Jeff Cooper and with Maas Ayoob.
    EVERY ONE of them stressed, preached and practiced, situational awareness and why it is possibly or probably the most important and critical SD tool in our arsenal. As most of you know they even numbered or color coded them.
    I also had Tueller as one of the instructors at an advanced pistol course at TR when it was still in Tx.
    A very interesting guy who actually laughs at how badly his “21ft” rule has been bastardized. He is not angry about it as opposed to how it may actually cause a problem for someone who applies it improperly.
    Bottom line, if your assailant at any distance out to 25 ft suddenly begins an attack against you, you are bound to be injured to some extent depending upon the weapon of his choosing. This may be minimized if you have an immediate reaction of moving to cover or concealment while producing your defense mechanism.
    Added to your sudden delemma the fact even if you succeed in producing your weapon and get off a shot or two, did you hit your attacker and if so was it an immediate put down or more likely was he able to get to you even temporarily which results in some form and extent of injury.
    After visiting with him during the 5 day course and being able to listen while others did the same it is my conclusion that his “Tueller Drill” was meant to help train LEOs the value and importance of awareness and maintaining safe distances at all times during stops or individual and crowd control. There is much more to it than just the 21’ distance.
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    You don't have to stand there and let them stab you. There are many things you can do to give you an edge; this is a mindset problem I see in most people.
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    My son and his friends have tested the 21 foot rule. Its true. You will be injured or killed at 21 feet or less. They used water guns and training knife. It is almost to stop someone coming at you at this range.

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    Going back decades the FBI has used and proven the 21 foot rule and stated this.
    The "average" person can cover that distance and deliver a fatal knife strike before the officer can deploy his weapon in about 1 1/2 seconds.

    Be aware and know what`s around you.
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    Situational awareness is definitely the best tool in any persons SD toolbox. Most any video I've seen where someone is attacked, being aware of what is around you will catch any threat before it is a threat. Now truth be told, Murphy's Law applies here in a big way, so you may not always catch them, or you could even misidentify one. Being able to draw and shoot quickly is always important, and train. And keep training. Train as often as you can, whenever you can, and then train some more. If you can, learn have to hand combat skills, because, yes, a highly motivated person can cover 21 feet in no time.
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    I've trained thousands of time with simunition rounds and rubber knives from a holstered or harnessed weapon. 30' is the minimum range to engage a target with a knife. In my current job as LEO and as a soldier 30' was always the minimum. The old saying he brought a knife to a gun fight is something ( after being stabbed) I don't consider a joke.

    Further more fighting off a knife attack there is one hard and fast rule. You will get cut up. Even against someone with no training. Do not hesitate to shoot.

    Hesitation kills more people than anything else in a fight for life. In order to stay calm and cool you must practice under stress if you have no one to help you, then run as hard as you can for 100 yards drop do a set of push-ups recover to a standing position draw and fire 3 rounds in 2 seconds then take a look at your groups and where your bullets impact the target.

    Learn to draw and fire scan the area for threats then learn to reholster without looking keep your eyes on the threat at all times.
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