Senate Passes Gun Control-Laden CCW Bill

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    May 25, 2003
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    June 20, 2003

    Dear Ohio GOA supporter:

    For the second time in six months, the Ohio Senate has taken a bad
    concealed carry bill and made it much, much worse.

    Earlier this week, Ohio Senators (bent on appeasing the anti-gun
    demands of Gov. Bob Taft and numerous organizations opposed to your
    right to defend yourself with a concealed firearm) passed Amended
    Substitute House Bill 12.

    Previously, the Ohio House of Representatives passed H.B. 12 with
    restrictive provisions that would permit some Ohioans to get a CCW
    license and carry concealed in some locations. The bill was
    horrible even then. But the Ohio Senate added massive new
    restrictions that guarantee very few Ohioans will ever be able to
    carry concealed for self-defense.

    Some of the anti-gun provisions now in the bill include:

    * A total BAN on carrying in cars if children are passengers.
    This is outrageous -- what better reason to carry concealed than
    to defend the lives of your children?

    * Mandatory fingerprinting of permit holders -- as though they were
    convicted sex offenders.

    * Onerous training and testing requirements -- to include forcing
    you to "prove" yourself whenever you renew the permit.

    * A laundry list of No Safety Zones where carrying is banned --
    such as all government buildings, all colleges and
    universities, any establishment that serves alcohol (even if
    the permit holder isn't drinking), all churches and places of
    worship unless posted otherwise, any private building or parking
    lot that is posted by the owner, and all day care centers.

    * Felony penalties for failure to inform a law enforcement officer
    that you are carrying -- too bad if you happen to forget to do
    so under the stress of finding yourself at the scene of an

    One of the few good things in the original House bill has also been
    stripped out of the Senate version. Originally, the bill had what
    is known as an Affirmative Defense clause. This meant that if a
    person were forced to use a gun in self-defense, he or she could be
    protected from anti-gun prosecutors. If the person could prove to
    the judge that he or she would have qualified for a CCW permit, that
    person couldn't be prosecuted for not having one at the time of the

    H.B. 12 is so incredibly anti-gun at this point that several law
    enforcement organizations -- previously highly vocal opponents of
    CCW -- have now flip-flopped and are either neutral or outright
    supportive of the bill.

    That's right. Ohio CCW's most vocal opponents are now more than
    satisfied with the anti-gun nature of the bill.

    As a result, Governor Bob Taft has indicated he is willing to
    sign H.B. 12 into law.

    In short: the Ohio Senate has screwed gun owners big-time.

    GOA saw this coming and previously warned that the Senate was on a
    mission to pass a very dangerous gun control bill disguised as a
    so-called "shall issue" concealed carry bill. That is why GOA has
    instead promoted H.B. 113, Vermont-style Right to Carry legislation
    sponsored by State Representative Tom Brinkman (R-Cincinnati).

    Just this month, Alaska passed such a law, proving that gun owners
    should always ask for what they want, not settle for what the
    politicians say they can get.

    A "Vermont-style" concealed carry law in Ohio would restore to
    law-abiding gun owners more freedom to protect themselves and their
    families with a concealed firearm -- without all of the anti-gun
    provisions so prevalent in H.B 12.

    There is still a chance to derail H.B. 12's anti-gun freight train.
    Since the House and Senate versions of the bill are very different,
    a special conference committee will be appointed to iron out the
    differences between the two versions.

    Many Representatives are already steamed about the Senate trashing
    their bill in such a blatant manner. Here is our chance to use
    that indignation to fix or kill H.B. 12.

    It is very important for you to contact your State Representative
    IMMEDIATELY and tell him or her them to push the members of the
    conference committee to remove all the Senate gun control
    restrictions now in the bill.

    Here's exactly what you need to do:

    E-mail, call and fax your State Representative RIGHT NOW! An Ohio
    House roster and pre-written letter are included below for your

    If you do not know who your State Representative is, at you can search
    using your zip code. All letters to State Representatives can be
    faxed to: 614-644-9494.

    Please take the requested action as soon as you finish reading this
    alert. The conference committee could send H.B. 12 to the floor
    for final passage as early as TODAY.

    ----- Pre-written message to your State Representative -----

    Dear Representative ______________________________:

    As your pro-gun constituent, I STRONGLY OPPOSE the Senate version of
    H.B. 12 and want you to push the members of its conference committee
    to remove all Senate-imposed CCW restrictions from it.

    Specifically, I want the conference committee to:

    * remove the ban on concealed carry in cars;

    * restore the affirmative defense provision found in the original
    House version;

    * remove the mandatory fingerprinting scheme;

    * remove the onerous penalty for not notifying a police officer
    when carrying concealed;

    * delete the laundry list of No Safety Zones where law-abiding
    permit holders are disarmed; and

    * remove the stringent requalification training mandate.

    If these gun control provisions are not removed from H.B. 12, I
    want the bill KILLED, as it is completely unacceptable as passed by
    the Senate.

    Therefore, should your efforts to pressure the committee not meet
    with success, I demand that you vote AGAINST final passage of
    H.B. 12.

    Gun Owners of America will report to me what you do.


    WAGCEVP New Member

    May 25, 2003
    Ohio House of Representatives Roster

    Ohio House of Representatives Roster

    (If you do not know who your State Representative is, at you can search
    using your zip code. All letters to State Representatives can be
    faxed to: 614-644-9494.)

    Dis Name Pty Phone (614 area) E-Mail

    01 Blasdel R 466-8022
    02 Peterson R 644-6711
    03 Carmichael R 466-1474
    04 Willamoski R 466-9624
    05 Schaffer R 466-8100
    06 Latta R 466-8104
    07 Jerse D 466-8012
    08 Mason D 466-5441
    09 Woodard D 644-5079
    10 Smith, S D 466-7954
    11 Key D 466-1414
    12 DeBose D 466-1408
    13 Skindell D 446-5921
    14 Miller, D D 466-3350
    15 DePiero D 466-3485
    16 Kilbane R 466-0961
    17 Trakas R 644-6041
    18 Patton, T R 466-4895
    19 Flowers R 466-4847
    20 McGregor R 644-6002
    21 Reidelbach R 644-6030
    22 Hughes R 466-2473
    23 Wolpert R 466-9690
    24 Smith, G R 644-6005
    25 Stewart, D D 466-1896
    26 Price D 466-8010
    27 Beatty D 466-5343
    28 Raussen R 466-8120
    29 Clancy R 466-9091
    30 Seitz R 466-8258
    31 Driehaus D 466-5786
    32 Barrett D 466-1645
    33 Yates D 466-1308
    34 Brinkman R 644-6886
    35 Schneider R 644-6023
    36 Setzer R 644-8051
    37 Husted R 644-6008
    38 White, J R 466-6504
    39 Allen D 466-1607
    40 Strahorn D 466-2960
    41 Williams, B R 644-5085
    42 Widowfield R 466-1177
    43 Taylor, M R 466-1790
    44 Sykes D 466-3100
    45 Otterman D 644-6037
    46 Olman R 466-1731
    47 Ujvagi D 644-6017
    48 Brown, E D 466-1401
    49 Perry D 466-1418
    50 Hagan, J R 466-9078
    51 Oelslager R 752-2438
    52 Cirelli D 466-8030
    53 Webster R 644-5094
    54 Jolivette R 644-6721
    55 Cates R 466-8550
    56 Kozuira D 466-5141
    57 Martin R 644-5076
    58 Walcher R 466-9628
    59 Carano D 466-6107
    60 Patton, S D 466-9435
    61 Boccieri D 466-1464
    62 Callender R 466-7251
    63 Young R 644-6074
    64 Sferra D 466-5358
    65 Harwood D 466-3488
    66 Schmidt R 466-8134
    67 Raga R 644-6027
    68 Chandler R 466-2004
    69 Calvert R 466-8140
    70 DeWine R 644-6020
    71 Evans, D R 466-1482
    72 Kearns R 466-2038
    73 Hartnett D 466-5802
    74 Buehrer R 644-5091
    75 Hoops R 466-3760
    76 Gilb R 466-3819
    77 Faber R 466-6344
    78 Seaver D 466-1507
    79 Fessler R 466-8114
    80 Redfern D 644-6011
    81 Wagner R 466-1374
    82 Reinhard R 644-6265
    83 Core R 466-8147
    84 Widner R 466-1470
    85 Schlichter R 644-7928
    86 Daniels R 466-3506
    87 Evans, C R 466-1366
    88 Niehaus R 644-6034
    89 Book D 466-2124
    90 Collier R 466-1431
    91 Householder R 466-2500
    92 Stewart, J R 466-2158
    93 Hollister R 644-8728
    94 Aslanides R 644-6014
    95 Dominic D 466-3735
    96 Wilson D 466-8035
    97 Gibbs R 466-2994
    98 Grendell R 644-5088
    99 Distel D 466-1405

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    Jul 25, 2002
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    Rat bastards!...actually I thought the least it's a good first step!...'course i've been wrong onc't or twice before...

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