Serial # Browning Medalist Renaissance

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  1. Bytedisk

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    May 1, 2012
    Safety Harbor, Florida
    Serial number on Medalist is A70UUxxxx

    This gun is a Medalist Renaissance, one of the nicest I've seen. I'll try to post a pic if I can figure out how. Anyway I'm told that the A designates Arnold Missouri. The 70 is the mfg year and we have no idea what the UU signifies. The people at Browning were not familiar with the number but never took the time to really investigate it. This gun is for sale but for top dollar. Should the serial number be a deal breaker? Does the odd lot number lessen the value of the gun.
  2. wonderwhippet

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    Jan 10, 2003
    Your Browning appears new and unfired. If this is the case, the book value is $3900.

  3. bobski

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    Jan 16, 2005
    va., conn., & mo.
    no. its a good deal. #1 thing to look for is marred screw heads on the forearm weights or sight. that gun requires a special driver that is only to be used on the gun. maybe im wrong, but i remember those guns coming with a bullet tray full of browning 22's where that key is sitting. have them open the slide and see if there are any dry fire strikes on the face of the breech. a lot of people dont know that a dry fire feature exists and they ruin the gun. ive always wanted one of those. but my eyes and a broken elbow ended my pistol career.
    i owned standard grade medalists and quickly sold them. too bbl heavy, the rear sight slit was very narrow and unforgiving if you shook, and the grips were way too fat for me. if you sweated, the gun would shift in your hand. problem with fat grips is you cant really grip the gun. fine. a lot of people would say thats good, because the grip is suppose to eliminate some grip and concetrate the pressure on the trigger finger. but what happens is if it moves any at all....your trigger squeeze will be off. most people use clay to modify grips to stay putt. one would imagine that with a work of art such as that wouldnt do it! guns of that grade are for investment only. lock it away and forget about it. someone did. because 15 years ago that gun could be had for 2 grand.
    btw, all renaissance guns had the U's in the number. the 2nd U signifies the amount of engraving and bbl length. the gun was made in 4.5" (121) and 6 3/4"(316)
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  4. bwooten

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    Feb 23, 2013
    Hello, Do you still have the Browning Medalist Renaissance and if so

    are you interested in selling it? Thanks, Bill Wooten
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