Series 70 and 80 and

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    Gweetings 1911 fans

    Since I have asked Santa for a *new* 1911 and I have been vewy *good* for a very long time, I have been scouring the web to learn more about the 1911.

    So what is the difference between a sewies 70 and 80 ? Are there other sewies' ? Is a commander just a name for the full-size 1911 ? Does anyone know why seems to be unavailable ? whew.......

    That's all.....

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    Welcome aboard, Elmer. My grandfather was named Elmer. I know that's probably not your real name, but I like it anyway.

    I am not an expert on the guns you are asking questions about, but once owned a nice 70s series, but never had an 80s series.

    The 70s series had smooth flat grip panels and the barrel bushing was a slotted affair that was supposed to make the barrel hold steadier in the slide...therefore, better accuracy was the hopeful result.

    Maybe someone that knows their Colt semi-autos will come along and give you the straight poop.

    I've got a very nice .45 acp Randall up for grabs on a trade in the forsale threads, check it out.


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    Welcome to the board.
    The Colt Series 80 was introduced in 1983. The basic difference is the addition of a firing pin safety on this model.
    The Colt Commander is 4.25" barrel and the Gov't model has a 5" barrel.

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    series 80 also incorporated a firing-pin stop (safety), that only was moved when the trigger was pulled.

    If you want a reasonably priced, good quality 'first 45' go for a standard Springfield model. (the 1991?)

    Avoid Llama (spanish? brand) like the plague.

    Para-Ordinance are interesting, decent price.

    Colt still produces some decently-priced models, but I have no idea what their quality is now.

    Wilson, Baer, many other gunsmith / custom shop guns are fantastic (and pricey).