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    Jan 1, 2012
    My dauhgter is 19 and an adult in the world now. Sometimes I think back about the great and simple times we spent together. I raised her by myself, and being a typical dad our world revolved around guns, hunting, and fishing. One time she was 14 and we were out shooting whistle pigs, and I was sighting in my Ruger SBH 44 mag. We exhausted our .22 supply, and I had one 44 magmum bullet left because she was fascinated with the thought of taking that last bullet and shooting a whistle pig. She was begging and begging, so I said ok. I explained to her to hold the gun firmly, and when you squeeze the trigger, just let it roll up just like the .357 and it won't hit you. The bullets were 185gr. lead cast SWC, and they were pretty hot. She takes the gun and at that moment all the whistlr pigs disappeared because of the clouds, all except for one. It popped it's head up and then back down, and she began moving towards the hole. She got within 2 or 3 feet of the hole and crouched down and cocked that big old revolver and just sat there with it extended out pointing it where the whistle pig was going to pop up. After a few minutes I was just amazed that my daughter had so much strenghth to hold that gun. All of a sudden, a whistle pig pops it's head up and looks right at my daughter. My daughter pulls the trigger and BANG!!! All's I saw was the gun roll up over her head. She rolled over onto her back, and the gun still in her grips falls on the ground. She began laughing like a little kid, and jumped up holding the gun with both hands trying to keep it out of the dirt. I asked her do you think you got it (knowing that she had gotten it) and all she could say was that there was nothing left,,,, and there wasn't.

    That's just one of the many great stories I have of my daughter shooting. I think it would be entertaining hearing the different stories that many here have to share.

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