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  1. cpttango30

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    The best systems I have seen that produces an edge like that of a scalpel blade.

    Check out the edgepro system.

    There is also Wicked edge.

    I have a friend that did a head to head of the edge pro and the wicked edge and they both produce amazing edges that last a long time on any knife.

    I am thinking of putting down the money on a wicked edge system.
  2. Cowboy6373

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    Sep 12, 2011
    The best sharpening system I've tried is the Gatco system. Really foolproof and does multiple angles for different usages. As for razor sharp, again, it depends on the application. Too much angle and the blade dulls quickly. For my hunting knives I go with a 19 degree angle which is plenty sharp and much more durable, requiring less touch up. For kitchen type knives I can go up to 25 degrees of bevel. The beauty of the Gatco system is that you can do all those angles and the instructions in the kit tell you the appropriate angle application. And the kit is reasonably priced.

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