Sharps Conversion Carbine Question

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    Jan 14, 2011
    Hey Guys...

    I just picked up an 1868 contract armory conversion of a Sharps carbine. The gun is fine (prob 70% case, 80% blue barrel). The Carbine serial is 538XX which I thought should be in the middle of New Model 1859 production....but I can see on the barrel a faint (they are all faint b/c of the buffing they did at conversion) "N" from new model and a faint but visible "1863". Now, that seems to mean to me that this is a mismatched gun...a NM 1859 frame and NM1863 barrel. Can't check the barrel serial as it has been long gone via the conversion buffing.....The consistent condition of the gun throughout leads me to believe it's been in this configuration from the conversion.

    My question is: was it routine for the barrels and frames on these carbines to be interchanged at conversion (in other words would they refinish the guns and just put any barrel on regardless of model# (1859,1863,1865 models were identical in terms of barrels)?? I have not heard anyone speak of this and sellers doesn't mention it in his book.

    I know this is a very specific question and may not find any answers here but I'm trying to determine the probability that was pretty common practice at the time of conversion or if the barrel may have been replaced at some point after conversion...and how that may affect the value of this particular sharps.

    Thanks in advance,
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