Shooting at an angle affects trajectory!?!?!

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    Reply Shooting at an angle affects trajectory!?!?!
    I know you are not supposed to shoot a rifle in the air and all, but.....
    (nobody around me for 3 miles, if I do hit somebody, they r not supposed to be there!)

    I noticed that when shooting at a steep angle off a tree for a brace, bullet drop was different than if shooting flat.

    Makes sense, just never thought of it before.

    Take a look at the charts...

    Unless, somebody already has that worked out?
    I was just getting used to flat shots!

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    Reply Re: Shooting at an angle affects trajectory!?!?!
    The problem is that the trajectory does _not_ change when shooting uphill or down. There is a good writeup on this in the Lyman reloading manual.

    What you're expecting is for the bullet to cross the line of sight at the same distance from the muzzle, and when it shoots high, it surprises you. Yes, that is the situation: The point of impact will be high when shooting _either_ up or down.

    I have tried three different ways to put the reason in words, but have not been satisfied with the results without the accompanying graphs.

    Lyman Reloading Handbook, 46th edition, page 106-108. I'll try to get something up on my site in the near future to help with this.

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