Shooting: For Mature Kids Only?

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    Shooting: For Mature Kids Only?
    I got a 9 year old nephew who sincew the age of two has been able to say the basic firearm safety rules, number one being do not touch daddy'd gun unless Daddy is there to supervise. He did only once!
    he's been shooting BB's since about 3 and now has his own youth shotgun

    Shooting: For Mature Kids Only?
    The says competitive shooting teaches students responsibility, but
    prevention groups worry about safety and say only mature kids should be
    taught to shoot.

    The Cybercast News Service reported Sept. 18 that NSSF spokesperson Gary
    said that shooting sports are safer than other school sports. "Kids get
    injured in football
    and doing other things at a rate far higher than they do receive injuries
    from competing
    with firearms," he said. "Anyone who's mature can participate in firearm
    sports safely."

    Nancy Hwa, a spokesperson for the , said, "We don't have a problem with
    target shooting
    and sports shooting. But we do think parents have to be very careful about
    the maturity
    level of their children, and how the guns are being handled."

    Hwa did not dispute the assertion that competitive shooting can develop
    respect, and discipline. But she expressed concern that some parents could
    complacent about their kids handling guns, which could lead to tragedy. Hwa
    cited the Jonesboro, Ark., school shooting in 1999, carried out by two young
    boys who
    were trained in firearms use.
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