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shooter45 us
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(6/21/02 8:30:52 pm)
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Well, it's time again for another kids match. Last year, a great time was had by all. The local gun club has agreed to host this one around the last of July. No action shooting like last year but I'm expecting a larger turnout.

This year's plan will be a pistol match. Ten rounds loaded. Break four balloons then put remaining rounds in a B-27 target at 30 ft. Target hits scored.

Next event will be benchrest rifle. Ten rounds loaded. Break four balloons at 25 yds, then two clay pigeons. Remaining shots in a 100 yd rifle target at 25 yds. Target hits scored.

The last event will be .410 shotgun. Three shots loaded in a bolt action Break two clay pigeons then shoot at an X target. Closest pellet to the cross in the X wins.

Then Hot dogs and cold drinks for all. Now all I have to do is come up with some prizes. I've thought of plaques but I don't know if the kids would like them or something more useful. Maybe a prize table ? Anyone have any idea's ?????

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(6/21/02 9:58:00 pm)
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Game Boy Advance would be a good prize,13 inch Color TV w/VCR goes for 99.00 now days.Gifts certificates to to thier favorite pizza place,22 rifle..410
Do you have a buget? any grand prizes? like a Play Staition 2,?there 199.00
Sounds like fun!!1st place oughta geta trophy.
Anyway to post pics after the fun?

*TFF Senior Staff*
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(6/22/02 7:54:06 am)
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That's a REALLY neat thing you're doing Shooter!

Here's a suggestion for prizes: Try the local gunshops to see what they'd be willing to donate. I'd suggest trying to get some shooter's accessories....hearing protectors, gun cleaning kits, etc. These things are not only useful, but they encourage the kids to stay interested in shooting sports.

Try the local WallyWorld (and perhaps other businesses) and see if they'll donate Gift Certificates.....McDonald's is also usually pretty good for donating Gift Certificates to anything involving kids.

Try any local Fish & Game clubs. Many of their members are business owners and might be willing to donate prizes in the name of their businesses.

Please keep us up-to-date on how this is going.

shooter45 us
*TFF Chief Of Staff*
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(6/25/02 7:53:57 pm)
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Good idea's . But no TV's VCR's,etc. There will be no entry fee for this match. Guns will be furnished if the kids don't have their own. I'm footing the bill on this one again so I won't have much to spend on prizes. I have donated ammo and ear plugs from the gunshop and I'm working on getting some of the food and drinks donated. The shoot last year was great. I hope this one turns out as well.
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