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    Ok. I'm not one to usually do something like this, but I've mentioned in other postings that I really like the new Smith & Wesson M&P line of pistols. Well, I've got my hands on one with permission to really wring it out and work it over. So I thought I'd give my impressions as I try it out.

    The pistol I'm using for these trials is a full sized M&P 45 with night sights. I had been told that the M&P's don't favor aluminum cased ammunition... so of course my test firing is starting with CCI Blazer aluminum cased ammunition, firing a 230 grain full metal jacket bullet. To make things even more interesting I field stripped the pistol and sprayed the frame and slide rails with Gun Scrubber and wiped them down to remove any and all lubricant from the factory. This is the only cleaning I plan on giving this pistol for the duration of my test firing.

    The first 300 shots were fired as fast as we could load the three ten-round magazines that came included with this pistol. Three people were a part of this initial 300 shots, including a State Trooper, a beginner, and myself (a recreational shooter but no expert by any means). Shooting was done at approximately ten yards at a standard FBI "Q" target. Even at my most rapid fire, I found that shots were easily contained within the outline of the "Q" target and the pistol returned easily to point of aim.

    For those who are not familiar with this M&P, it has a replicable backstrap for the grip, letting you adjust the grip size to best fit your hand. I have very large hands, and the large grip panel fits my hand the best, but I found the pistol to be easily controlled even with the smallest grip panel in place.

    After the initial 300 rounds the pistol was left dirty for a few days (I've been stuck at home with a cold). Today I pulled the pistol out again, setting a target approximately eleven yards (just a little short of 33 feet) from a shooting bench. Shooting from sandbags, I shot the following 100 shot group, still using the CCI Blazer aluminum cased ammunition.

    Out of four hundred shots so far, there has only been one failure to fire, and I blame the ammunition for that one since the primer had a sufficient firing pin impression. Cartridge cases extract cleanly and eject positively, although while shooting at the bench I noticed the fired cartridge cases tended to come a little more straight back and over my head.

    So far, my only complaint is with the magazines. They hold ten rounds of 45 Auto... but by golly you have to really want to get that tenth cartridge in there. I found myself denting the sides of the cartridge cases just trying to get that last cartridge in. Hmmm... maybe that's why they suggested no aluminum cased ammo. I plan on loading the mags to capacity and leaving them sit for a day or two... just to see if they will loosen up.

    Anyway, I'll try and keep you up to date on how my trials are going.

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    Nice shooting, I wasn't a huge fan of the M&P but couldn't tell you why. Well I can, I just wasn't as accurate with it as others, now I am sure I could have worked this out but I have no reason to try so. XD had the most natural aim for me, recently I felt the USP was worth working out my preliminary failed accuracy and I'm ready to buy one. (USP has some redeemable features making it worth it I felt).

    But a lot of people seem to like the M&P, maybe I will give it a shot again someday.

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