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Shooting the Bulgarian Makarov

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In preparation for an article on military surplus pistols for Harris Publications "Pocket Pistols" magazine, I pulled out my Bulgarian 9mm Makarov pistol for a little fun at the range.

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I enjoy your videos. I found a Russian PM Makarov, a 1977 model, a couple months ago. They are good dependable pistols at reasonable prices. Ammo prices aren't bad either. They're a good choice for plinking or self defense.
Nice video. Were those diet or sugar sodas that you missed?
I have a the Bulgarian and East Ger Makarovs. They look absolutely identical but the East German is a much smoother cycling pistol.
The 9x18 is equal to a 380+22short in energy.
I have several other East Euro pistols that shoot the Mak bullet and Ive never had a jam in any of them except once in the P64 when the recoil spring wrapped up on itself and locked the slide open. Change those 45 yr old springs on a C&R before you test it.
They are actually tap water and food coloring
Enjoyed the video.
Enjoyed the video - Thanks! I carry a .380 PPK and my wife carries a 1964 E. German 9X18 Makarov for CCW. The slide release is the majic component for the Mak being superior to the PPK. I reload, and the Mak is a little better of a man stopper than the .380.

I've had two East German Maks, and the fit and finish on both are great. I've handled Russian and Bulgarian Maks and the finish is not as nice as have been the East German pistols I've owned and shot. The Makarov is one of the over looked great CCW weapons available. After all, a life or death situation is seldom more than 10 feet away.
Yea that E German Mak is an eye brow raiser when you fire it next to the Bulgarian Mak. Did the East Germans set out to prove their manufacturing was superior to Bulgaria and Russia? Of all the East Euro pistols the East Ger Mak is the smoothest feeling when cycling. It is a very precise operating semiauto. It isnt the beauty to look at like the Walther PPK nor did James Bond carry one but the East Ger Mak is the better pistol. I have to wonder why the commies dropped that pistol. They should have just updated the sights and kept it.
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