Shotgun chokes

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    I am starting to shoot trap at our local gun club. I have been shooting a 20 ga with modified choke, but I am looking to buy a 12 ga soon. Does anyone have thoughts on the proper choke, barrel length, and shot size? It seems as though most shots are taken between 35 and 45 yards. Thanks!


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    Re: Shotgun chokes
    Most trap shooters use a full or mod choke. 7 1/2 to 9 shot depending on what line they are shooting from.

    The key to picking the choke is to pattern your gun with the loads you will be shooting and at the yardage you you be shooting.

    If you are reloading you can also play witht the patterns this way.

    Many trap shooters use the longer barrels 30" or 32" for the increased sight plane. This is really a personal preferance and you should get the barrels that balance and swing best for you. I prefer 26'' barrels myself. Barrel length affects overall gun length different on pumps and autoloaders than on SxS and overunders. This is because the action is longer on the pumps and autoloaders. For instance a Browning Gold with 26" barrels might be the same length as a Browning SxS with 30".

    Longer barrels do nothing for velocity of the shot as modern powder is all burned up at 18 inches into the barrel.

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    Thanks for the advice. Currently I use an Ithaca 37 pump and a Remington Model 58 autoloader, both with 28" barrels, so maybe I would go with another 28".

    I would like to get another Model 58 in 12 ga, but they seem harder to come by than the Model 48 or the Model 11-48. Are the latter two gas operated like the Model 58? Can I expect them to feel and fit similar to the 58 or are they heavier guns? Do recoil operated guns kick less than gas operated?