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(2/10/03 10:33:53 am)
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Need a shotgun for Spoting clays, trap, and hunting. Main use will be target but hunting occasionally. Many have recommended Beretta Urika 391 autos. I like the look of an O/U, but do not have a lot of $$$ to spend-around $1000 max. I think a barrle length of 28" would be best utility for multiuse. Any info is appreciated.

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(2/10/03 10:48:44 am)
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Re: Shotgun for many uses
There are a hundred answers to this question. Bottom line is pick a gun that fits you and has interchangeable choke tubes.

Any model by the major manufacturers will last a lifetime. The 391 is a great gun, that is what my dad shoots. I am attached to Browning SxS shotguns and semi auto's (old and new). The Browning over unders can be found used in your price range. You can get a Winchester semi auto or Browning semi auto for under a grand. Remingtons can be had also but I am a bit leary of quality control at Reminton.

Go to a gunshop that has a large selection and start trying guns on

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(2/11/03 12:11:51 pm)
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There are a hundred right answers to this question.

I shoot an older Remington 11-87 for everything from doves to turkeys and even sporting clays. I have never had a problem with it (although I can't say that for every Remington I've ever owned) You should be able to find any brand name 3" auto (even Benelli) for under $1K. Used Remingtons usually sell for around $500 around here.

Used Ruger Red Labels, Brownings, and Beretta O/U's should be under 1K also.

Franchi has a nice O/U that can be found under 1K and I happen to know of someone selling a used one for $700.

Personally, I like a 26" bbl in an auto and 28" bbls in O/U's.

Good Luck!

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I would recomend an 870 express. They usually retail for less than 600. They are tried and true and the majority of them can handle 3" loads. It's not uncommon to see someone hunting for most everything in North America given the exception of antelope and antelope. Fitted with a slug barrel it'll drop a deer no problem, fitted with a 28" barrel you can bump off squirrel rabbit and most any bird including turkey with just a change of ammo and a screw in choke. Not to mention because there are so many of them parts and accessories are readily available.
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