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    Planning on getting son a press to reload for his 20 gauge question is whether to get a Lee Load-All or spend more than 2X as much for another brand MEC or whichever? Won't be doing that many shells per year to need anything extra fancy. Had a Lee in 12 gauge but have since gotten rid of it 'cause I got rid of all my 12 gauge shotguns. It worked pretty good for the money but I thought the crimping could have been better. Appreciate all thoughts and ideas on this.

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    I have a couple Lee Load Alls one in 12 and one in 20. I have not used the 12 since I got a Mec Grabber. The 20 is still used a couple times a year. They are good for minimal usage they are too slow for anything else in my opinion. They do work good but are not adjustable except for powder and shot bushings.
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    I agree with the Warpig yet again. If he is doing a lot of shells go with the MEC. If an intermittant reloader...the Lee load-all will service all his needs admirably. regards swede
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