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  1. sctman800

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    Jul 16, 2003
    Westville, Ill.
    I found a wierd piece of equipment that I have determined is for loading shotgun shells. There are 3 pieces, one is a cast iron funnel. one looks like a set of tongs with a punch on one arm with a corresponding round hole on the other arm. This appears to be the primer instalation tool. The third piece is hard to describe, has a clamp for attaching to a table, a folding handle to hold the shell to push in the wad and a handle rhat rotates a cup. I don't figure it is worth anything, I am just courious about how it actually works. There are no markings of any kind, made of painted cast iron with wooden handles and appears to have been hardly used. Thanks in advance for your help, Jim.
  2. gamachinist

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    Jul 2, 2003
    Locust Grove GA
    Well Jim,
    You've already mostly figured it out on your own!
    The part that clamps to a table is for rerolling the crimp on a paper shell.It pre dates shot cup type wads.The wads in use then were pretty much flat discs of varying thickness to take up any leftover space as well as seperate the shot from the powder.

    I see them all the time on eBay.Some of them go for $10.00 to $20.00,some higher.
    Most of them are probably being bought for conversation pieces more than to be used unless someone is reloading paper hulls with Black Powder for older guns.

    I hope this helps,Robert.

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