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(5/18/02 8:22:23 pm)
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I was trying to date an older 12 gauge single and it is marked 3" Chamber but it is not marked magnum. It is of British manufacture.

When were 3" 12 gauge shotgun shells first available?

I was told this was a water fowl gun.

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(5/18/02 8:44:53 pm)
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Re: Shotgun Shells 3"???
The Winchester Model 12 Duck was introduced c.1935, chambered for the new 3" magnum 12ga. The glorious Model 21 followed 4 years later.

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(5/20/02 8:43:20 pm)
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40 lashes with a wet noodle for having asked this question on another forum

Seriously though I am trying to date this shotgun and ascertain its fair market value for insurance purposes. I have no intention of selling it. I bought this baby used about 40 years ago!!

On Saturday last I took it to a deal at the local museum like the "Antiques Road Show" and was told it was worth a great deal of money and this is in conflict with what I had been told before.

The Shotgun is by Webley and Scott, Birmingham England and the person examining it guessed 1930's maybe plus 10 years or so that was why I was wondering what the birth date of 3" shotgun shells might be. He also said it was a waterfowl gun.

The frame is very attractive as it has a case hardened finish and all and I mean all parts of this gun have the serial number on them. The takedown forestock has the serial number stamped in the wood, the hardware on this item has the serial number as does the frame and barrel. The stock which is a beautiful walnut is also serialized under the butt plate!!! Not the usual practice for a "cheap store gun" The stock is the straight english style The 32" barrel (it is a single) is flawless inside and shows only marginal bluing deterioration on the exterior. Proof marks are on the barrel and it shows 3" not magnum though. Thegun is fitted with an ejector, not just an extractor and it literally hurls the spent shell out of the chamber.

I do know that Webley and Scott closed their doors and their shotgun designs, tooling and personnel went to Holland & Holland not a low rent manufacturer. I think the name exists as an airgun manufacturer.

I was not trying to be cute or subversive; maybe clever though because I did not want to beg the question.

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Any help or advice given will be greatly appreciated

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(9/5/02 2:56:12 pm)
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Bear in mind that Magnum testing in the UK only started after 1954, so your gun is more than likely unsuitable for magnum loads, and may not even be Nitro proof
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