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    Reply Should He ... Should'nt He ... Your Input
    I as well as our G 2/5 Marines Association President .... None other than yours truly ... Barney Barnes ... Who is mentioned in various stories I have related here .....

    Have already made up our minds regarding this scenario .....

    But I wanted to lay this out in front of you to see what your thoughts on this would be .....

    On our Associations Home Page we have a section entitled "Lest We Forget" with a listing of all (that we have accounted for at this point anyway) our KIA Brothers. While In Country there was a young Marine who walked the same walk as we did through various operations, ambushes, patrols and search and destroy missions .....

    One evening while we were resting within our hootch while in the rear (which was'nt that often) a shot rang out within the confines of our hootch. As we all came down from our sudden upswing with our ears ringing to beat all hell ....

    We looked around to find that this young Marine had taken his own life with his weapon after placing the muzzle under his chin ......


    Anyway ..... Our Brother had received one of those "Dear Johns" and evidently decided he would simply end it at that very moment without hesitation ....

    Barney was discussing (with another officer of the Assoc.) the fact that this young mans name is not on our KIA listing and was more or less informed that it would'nt be right having his name listed along with the others due to the circumstances of his untimely death.

    Well ... Ole' Barn sure don't see it that way and neither do I after hearing of this and discussing it with him just the other day. After all .... while he was with us he did his job and did it well with no complaints ... A True Combat Marine in every sense of the word .....

    Sometimes the love of and/or for a woman instantly leaving one empty can do more to a man than combat ..... and that could be vice-versa as well .....

    Regardless of that fact ... He did his time in the trenches with the rest of us and should be recognized accordingly as far as I (and Barn) am concerned no matter which way his life ended.

    What do you think .....


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    Reply Should he...
    Hi Six,
    That is a very sad story and I can understand your feeling towards him and why you feel he should be listed.
    But...(don't kick me in the backside here)
    He was not technically KIA. so if the others feel uncomfortable listing him as such maybe you can come up with another solution. Like maybe his own spot,

    Something like that, I agree that he deserves reconigtion and a lot of it. But he died in that hootch fighting a different battle then the one the other guys are being recognized for.

    Good Luck whatever you decide,


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    Re: Should he...
    Don't know SixTGunr, just don't know.

    Obviously he wasn't a slacker and he was definitely a good Marine. But I not being a combat veteran or even a veteran should not have a vote in this.

    I truly believe it should be up to your membership, your fellow marines to debate and knowing all the facts make a decision.

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    Re: Should he...
    ANY Vet who lost his life during any war, should be on the
    wall, after all, it was circumstances due to getting shitholed
    that was an indirect result of that occurence!

    So yes, you bet your damn ass he should be on that wall!

    Anyone who would send a DJ to a combat soldier during a
    war is spit in my book, I'd rather be bullshitted to until I
    came home, rather than find out under severe stress of
    especially combat, not knowing whether you may be a box
    job at any time!

    People who do things like she did are pure scum in my book,
    and I hope she has one of the most miserable lives until the
    day she has to face him on the other side! She deservred
    the right to never bear children as an extra perk, and I hope
    she never has!

    That's enough from me, too pissed off!

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    Reply Re: Should he...
    Appreciate the input here thus far gang .....

    The Marine "IS" listed on "The Wall" in our nations capitol and Barn and I feel he should also be added to our companys' home page listing.

    We all fought in a lot of battles "together" and we were with him when he left this world ... Its only right that we honor his name along with all the others ... Even though this particular battle was a personal one ... We "were" and "always will be" Brothers!


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    Reply should he

    We all fought in a lot of battles "together" and we were with him when he left this world ... Its only right that we honor his name along with all the others ... Even though this particular battle was a personal one ... We "were" and "always will be" Brothers

    Very well said Six, I have slapped my own hands.
    Of course you are right.

    Good Luck,
    I hope that you can get this worked out.


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    Re: should he
    I dunno, Six.

    As for listing him as KIA, it don't sit quite right.
    Then again, him being a together marine, it seems he should be recognized by the Unit as "Dying in Country" or something,
    even if it was a personal battle that killed him.

    JMO berto

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    Reply Re: should he
    I don't know if my two cents will amount to anything...


    A brother can die in many ways..

    but the creulest death

    is one not recognized by his country or his countrymen......

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    Reply Re: should he
    The only people that have the right to deny this man His honour are dead. If he had a physical wound so severe that death was imminent, and he chose to end his own existence, would you think him a coward? better he made his solution sitting on his bunk than have him have go apeshit in the bush and get his whole company wacked.

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    Reply Re: should he
    Six, here is my we go back through the pages of those times, how many men took their lives over an incident that was completely out of their control and ended it there and then????? My friend, many......and I might add, their names are on that wall.

    Why isn't he??? He has my vote.