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Shoulder Holsters-Thoughts?

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(2/28/02 7:22:05 am)
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I've browsed through several threads talking about CCW holsters. Thought rather than replying to each, that I would start a new topic.

I've carried numerous holsters over the last fifteen years. Some for duty and most off-duty carry. Used to be very fond of Uncle Mike's nylon in the pants holster. Wore two of those out with my Glock. Tried belt rigs, and IWB.

But last year I wound up buying a Gould & Goodrich shoulder holster for the Glock. Had a pouch for two spare magazines on the side. Loved the rig.

So, I bought a Safariland rig on for my duty Beretta 96. Had a pouch for handcuffs and a spare magazine. (required to have cuffs when carrying a qualified gun). Thought the weight would be too much for my 5'-7" frame, but LOVED it!

So now I also have one for my S&W 66/4in. and also my S&W 60. The rig for the S&W 66 has a speed loader pouch and cuff pouch too.

I have a medium sized frame. I'm 5'-7" and weigh 190. I weight lift, so I'm bulkier than most. Though hiding a full size Beretta isn't that hard.

I wear my rigs year round. Never had a shoulder holster that took more than a day to get used to wearing. I got in the habit in the summer of wearing a t-shirt and a loose hawaiin shirt. VERY comfortable and kinda dressy! My wife sewed pennies into the corners of the shirt so I could even wear the shirts open and didn't have to worry about the wind exposing the rigs.

For dresser occasions, I'll remove the belt tabs and tuck my shirt in. A little harder to reach the rig, but it's something like a belly band.

I also like the leather rigs better. I'm not a nylon person and also think leather (for my use) is more professional.

Anyone share the same thoughts or disagree?

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(2/28/02 8:02:07 am)
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Re: Shoulder Holsters-Thoughts?
Shoulder holsters have worked for me also with the bigger guns. I'd wonder about a S&W 60... seems the holster has more bulk than the gun does. Is the shoulder rig that much better for you with the small gun?
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Not too many people all that interested in shoulder holsters it seems. Times change. I started packing when the shoulder holster was it for concealed carry. Now there are IWB holsters, paddle holsters and any number of quality hip holsters, made of leather,kydex or nylon.
Big problem with the shoulder holster is cover. Back when everybody wore suits that wasn't a problem. I started with a Randall holster for a 1911A. Good holster, bad rigging. The straps were much too narrow to support a 35 oz gun. For a while there due to desparation, non-availability and stupidity I seemed to be making a collection of useless holsters. Years later I got a Bianchi horizontal holster for a PPK, then another for M-36 snubby. I sweated the stitching out of both, had one re-stitched in a shoeshop and returned the other to Bianchi for new elastic, only to get a brand new metal spring holster back. I picked up a beautiful pigskin shoulder holster in Madrid. I loved it and I'm glad somebody stole it off me because it was worthless. Sure was pretty though. Gradually, as my guns and needs changed I became convinced that shoulder holsters were a bit outdated for my purposes. Because of opportunity and personal preference I spent more and more time in the warmer and more humid latitudes. I used to carry the Bianchi holsters for the PPK and snubby under a nylon shirt. Now, how'd I get away with that? I don't know. Now it prints and flops about. If I still wore suits, which I don't, I might still wear some sort of shoulder rig. I've had an inclination to get one of the Galco horizontal rigs for my compact SIG, but why? Almost forgot, I have a couple of nylon shoulder rigs, one in camouflage. Now I wear leather hip holsters in winter and sometimes a pocket holster in summer. I tend to wear my longer, knit shirts out and loose. They cover my sub-compact holsters well enough. I had a preference for IWB kydex holsters for a long time, then got my hip messed up and the scars don't take to kydex. So, I moved to hip holsters, which gradually moved forward from behind the hip to in front of it due to a buggered up shouder to go with the hip.
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I prefer the shoulder holster for riding a motorcycle.
I prefer the shoulder holster for riding a motorcycle.
I remember riding a motorcycle with a rifle slung in the mid east. I also remember thinking this wont go well if I come off!

Shoulder holsters? I was given one once but never got on with it. Used one for a little in Brasil and it was just so uncomfortable in the heat, I made myself a mexican loop and used that until I could source a hip holster. :)
To each his own of course, but personally I've never found shoulder holsters comfortable to wear. They make me feel like I've been hitched up to pull the buckboard . . . or the plow! :D;)
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