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It wasn't my fault...honest!

My Frankford Arsenal Perfect Seat Hand Primer fell off my loading bench while I loading the just primed cases. Just like buttered bread, it fell where the most damage would occur. Right on the priming tray. It didn't break it, but the feed neck was bent. I could bend it back into position, but since then my primers get hung up passing from the tray into the tool.

I contacted Frankford Arsenal via web asking how much for a new tray... after all, these must be expendables, though not by design. Covid delays notwithstanding, my request was in the queue, and they got back to me for my address...not for my credit card.

I never expected, nor did I ask for a free replacement...especially since it really WAS my fault. Nonetheless, my replacement tray arrived today and it is beautiful.

In case you weren't aware, Frankford Arsenal is a brand belonging to American Outdoors Brands, Inc. (AOUT). Publicly trading since their spinoff from Smith & Wesson (SWBI) last month.
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