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  1. sabashimon

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    Oct 26, 2007
    I thought I'd share some photos of my newest purchase, an HK compact (?) USP.40
    I'd been wanting this USP, or it's .45 brother for some time now, and decided to "justify" it by trading in the Taurus Millenium Pro's I had in .45 and .40
    I have a couple of 45's in 1911's that I really like, and I have a boatload of good .40 defensive ammo, so I went for the USP .40 and put on some Meprolight night sights.
    I could only dart into the range yesterday for 15 minutes, but I like what I saw (and felt). I particularly like that I can go cocked and locked with the safety, or I can go hammer down and double action.
    And it's got a short and sweet reset between shots.

    Anybody with experiences with these beauties ?

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  2. pickenup

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    Sep 11, 2002
    Colorado Rocky Mountains
    Looks like a nice one.

    No experience with the compact models.
    I like the full size, and am looking for one now.

  3. You're making me drool, Shimon! I want an H&K so bad I can taste it, but just haven't been able (yet!:D) to justify what they cost. Sooner or later I'll bite the bullet and get myself one. When I do, it will likely be the USP Compact, and probably in .40 S&W.
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